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          Gurgaon Plant

          • Contact Person Name : Shri Sanjay Kumar
          • Designation : General Manager
          • Address : Dundahera, Gurgaon-122016, (Haryana)
          • Telephone : 0124-2455519, 9868327477
          • Fax No. : 0124-2456021, 2340612
          • E-mail : s.kumaridpl@gmail.com

          The Gurgaon Plant is located on old Delhi – Gurgaon road , 6 kms from Indira Gandhi International Airport , Delhi, in Haryana State at 90 acres of land (0.36 million sq. mts ). Out of this the plant is setup in approx 65 acres of land.

          The plant, commissioned in 1979 , has production capacities for wide range of formulations like tablets (1296 million nos.) , liquid orals (396 kilo liters) and dry syrup (36 lakh bottles). This plant is also having large capacity to manufacture Oral Contraceptive Pills. ( OCP ) and has been a regular supplier of Oral Contraceptive Pills to Ministry of Health & Family Welfare over more than last twenty years.

          These production facilities are fully supported by good Quality Control Department. It has an Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP) and a Formulations Development Research Laboratory. There is also a township with 128 flats having other facilities.